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Hello and Welcome to the Web site of Nelson Rivera!
Hi, my name is Nelson Rivera and I am an Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.  I have worn many other hats, as well, but the most important hat that I wear today is "Dad".

I am 35 years old, happily married (9 years) and have three beautiful children.  If you would like to read more about me, feel free to click the "
About Nelson" link.

This Web site is a "launching pad" to all of the projects that I am working on (ventures and hobbies).  I am involved in many different projects and what better place to point people to then to the launching pad at
NelsonRivera.net.  Here you will be able to find the links to everything that I am working on; and as I launch new projects and/or update my existing projects, you can be sure to get those updates here.

Actually, I'm sure that my wife would contend that I'm "spread to thin", but such is life!  So little time and so much to do.

The site is very basic and plain right now, but I do plan on making it more inviting as I go.  I'll play around with the content, format and add some color and graphics, as well.  I've been slacking with the content to
my personal blog, but have a lot of great ideas that I plan on sharing with you over the next few months.

So stay tuned and bookmark this site.  Or better yet, sign up for my e-mail newsletter on the left.  It's free and I will never share any of the information that you entrust me with.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Nelson Rivera

What's Been Keeping Me Busy!
Here's a list of some of the projects that I have been working on.  Feel free to check them out and be sure to let me know what you think.

    My Projects:
  • QEI Web site: My Dad and his sister have started a (soon to be not-for-profit) company called Quality Education Initiatives, Inc. I have been working on their Web site and assisting them with their online marketing.
  • Bulldog Softball Club: Another project near and dear to my heart is continuing to manage the Bulldogs Softball Club that was started in 1995. In addition, I manage the content on our Web site. Be sure to check it out. I've done a lot of work on this site and have some great plans for future updates.
  • Nelson's Cards: As you may know I have a Card Business that automates the process of sending "real" cards (not e-cards). With over 7000+ cards in our system and the ability to create custom cards and automate the process through campaigns to send out cards on yoru behalf, this is a great service for personal or business use. Have you received a card from me? If not, be sure that I have all of your contact information, including your birthday and/or anniversary and I'll be sure to send you a card. If you'd like to try the system out for free, click here!
  • Help With Your MLM: Not quite ready to be launched, but this site will be a resource for not only MLM Entrepreneurs, but also Internet Marketers, as well.  This will not intended to be the traditional MLM training that's regergitated over-and-over.  Much of the content will be driven by you, the end user.  Be sure to check back here or to make it real easy, simply fill out the form on the left and you'll be notified as soon as this site is laucnched!  For more details on the Internet Marketing aspect of this site, see below.

Internet Marketing (Coming Soon)
Sounds like good a place as any to get started.  If I'm doing it correctly, then you're finding me through various link backs throughout the net and in some cases through search engines like Google.  Internet marketing has become a bit of a passion of mine.  With my background in technology and my entrepreneurial spirit, it feels like an old glove.

However, there are some mis-conceptions with "Internet Marketing", as some equate it to sales and just for businesses and making money.  While true, the fact remains that the tactics for marketing any site (whether revenue generating or not) is done the same way.  I use internet marketing "techniques" on all of my Web sites that I have created and maintain today.  Many of these sites are "informational" type of sites and not geared towards "earning a buck".

If you're on the Web and looking to drive traffic to ANY site, you need to familiarize yourself with internet marketing and SEO techniques to get the word out.  I won't portray myself as something I'm not, as I am fairly new to internet marketing myself.  However, I have come across some great resources that have helped me to this point and if I can save anyone some time and cut down on their learning curve, that is my goal here.

Likewise, it is my hope that you will part with some of your knowledge, as well.  Who knows, maybe we can even partner together on a project (if you have something in mind, contact me).  While I'll share some information on this site, most of this information will be provided at the Help With Your MLM Web site that I will be launching soon.

For advanced notification of the new resource site, "Help With Your MLM", fill out the form on the left.

Bulldogs Softball Club
Anyone who knows me, can tell you that my past is rooted in baseball.  After I retired from playing baseball in 1995, I took up playing golf and softball.  In 1995 my cousin, Jesus Cortes, started a team called the Bulldogs.  The core of the team was built with 6 members of our family and life-long friends.  The team is now in its 12th season and still going strong.  If you are a fan of the Bulldogs, a former player or love softball and would like to check out our site, you can find it by clicking the link above or the menu on the left.

Quality Education Initiatives (QEI) Web site
This is one of my current projects that I am working on.  I'm putting my Internet Marketing skills to work with this new site for my Dad's company.

My Dad and his sister have over 60 years of combined experience in the Education industry.  Both are retired employees of the Chicago Public Schools and are now taking their years of expertise to their own company.

Quality Education Initiatives (QEI) is a consulting company for the Education industry.  They are providing a multitude of services to Schools, Teachers and Parents.  For further details or to simply view my work, check out their site.
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