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Hello and welcome to the Web site of Nelson Rivera .  Here you will find links to many resources and my various projects that I am working on.

To share a little bit about myself, I am a 35 years old and live in the Chicagoland area with my wife and three beautiful children.  For those that have known me for quite some time, know that my passions are deeply rooted in the sport of baseball.  I played baseball in college for 3 years and took my last at bat, in competition, in 1995.  Since that time I have been playing 12-inch softball for the
Bulldogs Softball Club and hitting the links whenever I get a chance.

I was married in 1998 to my beautiful wife (Angie) and we now have three children together.  Since 1995 I have been working, in some fashion, in the computer industry.  I started off as an IT Tech for a Fortune 500 company doing LAN and desktop support.  A couple of years later, I moved to doing SNA network installations for a joint-venture company.  I eventually moved on to the Frame Relay network installations group and have been doing that in some form or fashion since.

As an IT Tech in the family, I am often the "go-to" person for support and technical questions.  Ranging from computer questions to questions about home networking, internet, Web site design, etc.  One of my hopes with this site would be to begin cataloguing the questions that I receive here and the answers to those questions (if I am able to answer them).  Kind of create my own personal knowledge base.  Most of the time I find the answers elsewhere on the web, but it's at least a good thing to document the source of the answer and even provide links.

In 2003, I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, which has changed my personal outlook on quite a few things, ranging from Corporate America, to the role of a JOB and the concepts of assets and liabilities.  I will write a review of the book later in
my personal blog , but I will say that the concepts in the book reminded me of my dreams and where I had hoped to be.  It stripped the "corporate" blinders that I wore and I realized how complacent I had become in my JOB.  Somewhere down the line, I had lost track of my personal goals and became acustomed to my lifestyle.  It was a rude awakening and since then I have been educating myself about how to break myself free from the shackles of CA.

Around this time I began my first business venture as an
Independent Distributor for USANA Health Sciences .  Due to compliance reasons, I cannot go into details about that company on this site, but if you are interested in further information about USANA, you can find it here .  This launched my "education" in the business world and how to run businesses.  The education I received with my involvement in this company is absolutely priceless and is only the beginning!

Though I am still an
Independent Distributor for USANA , I have also launched a couple of other business ventures since.  Over the past year my focus has shifted to "internet marketing".  I have been educating myself on using the internet to market anything under the sun.  The great thing about "internet marketing" is that you learn how to get the word out about whatever it is that you are promoting.  One mis-conception about "internet marketing" is that it is only used to promote products/services that you are selling.  However, I have found quite the opposite.  I have found that I can use this education and apply it to anything that I want to get the word out about, regardless if there is a monetary gain or not.  Internet marketing is a "technique", that when applied correctly, helps people in the world find what it is that you are promoting.

Today, I use the same techniques that I have learned to promote my hobbies, as well as my business ventures.  I use the lessons I have learned to promote my personal blog called "
Random Speak - by Nelson Rivera ", the Bulldog Softball Club or even when promoting a product to help with your mlm business venture.

So if you are interested in computers, technology, sports (baseball, softball, golf, etc), fantasy sports (football primarily), becoming an entrepreneur, learning about internet marketing or just want to learn a little more about me, please bookmark my site and come back often.  Better yet, register to receive my newsletter and updates about whatever it is you are interested.

Thanks, again, for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward talking with all of you in the future!
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